guten tag bitches :3

i'm just a weird trans girl who likes to do some frontend web development ig lol~


about me
a hobbyist frontend web dev who does this for fun cuz she likes pretty colours and shapes
𝕏 🍌

weird projects that i work on
cringe warning lol

thingle that uselessly rolls dice
a stupid lil program that rolls dice and shows the probability of that number being rolled again and it just displays that info in a table and bar graph roll da dice
surprise, a lil birthday present
i made this for my fren as a present for her birthday <3 open the present
SparkShell is a new online coding community focused on web development. (created by radi8 (weirdo), and frontend by me, myself, and i) check it out ig
LOSER, an objectively stupid exam
just a fun little project that i decided to make which is kinda an iq test but with stupid questions. kinda fun to take imo take the test
every single flag transified
got bored one day and decided to make every single country flag the trans flag colours lol 🏳️‍⚧️ check them out